Hell Let Loose Career Stats


Set Steam Profile Public

Steam does not allow data to be pulled if your profile is private. To view stats, the Steam profile must be set to public.
1. Open Steam and click your username in the upper-right. Select View my profile.
Find Steam View my profile.
2. Click Edit Profile near the upper-right, below your Steam level.
Find Steam Edit Profile.
3. Select Privacy Settings on the left panel.
Find Steam Privacy Settings.
4. Set My profile to Public and set Game details to Public.
Set Public settings.
5. Wait for Steam to update your changes. This can take up to 5 minutes.

Get Steam ID 64

Steam does not allow search by username. To view stats, steamid64 must be used.
1. Click General on the left panel.
Find Steam General settings.
2. Under CUSTOM URL, you will find your profile URL.
If your custom URL is not set, the steamid64 will be the numeric digits in the red underlined section.
If your custom URL is set, copy the entire URL in the red box.
Find Steam Edit Profile.
3. If you have a custom URL, paste your Steam profile URL into a wesbite like https://steamid.io/ to get your steamid64.

Use The Tool

1. Enter your steamid64 into the SteamID64 field.
2. Click Submit.